Wellness Services

Better Health Management of New York, Inc provides cutting-edge innovative treatments by highly qualified and experienced doctors and support staff in an up-to-date facility ensuring our patients recover quickly from disease or injury.

  • Infusion

    Infusion is a procedure of delivering medications or other fluids directly into your vein. The procedure, also called intravenous (IV) administration, is performed ... Read More

  • DeStress/ Detox Increase Energy Relax/Meditation

    Detoxification, also referred to as detox, is the removal of toxic substances (toxins) from your body. It usually involves following a specific diet or using a specific ... Read More

  • Community Lectures and Health Events

    Community lectures are a means of offering valuable and useful health information to educate the people in a community about safe practices for wellness of the body... Read More

  • Holistic Aging Programs

    Holistic aging, also called healthy aging, is the process of maintaining superior functional ability and overall wellness of the body, mind, and spirit, and living your ... Read More

  • Allergy Testing

    Allergy skin testing is a method used to identify substances in an individual that could cause an allergic reaction. Read More

  • Concierge

    Concierge medicine is a care program whereby a physician charges you an out-of-pocket retainer fee for a range of highly personalized services. Often known as ... Read More

  • Private RN, HHA, CAN

    Home care can be defined as supportive care provided in your home or home-care facility. Care may be provided by licensed healthcare professionals who assist you ... Read More

  • Assessment Physicals

    An assessment physical is a process whereby a primary care provider (PCP) performs a physical examination of a patient to check their overall health or for possible ... Read More

  • Lactation Consultant

    Lactation refers to the period when a woman synthesizes and secretes milk from her breasts to feed her newborn. Read More

  • Massages

    Massage therapy is a form of treatment that involves manipulation of the muscles and soft tissues of the body. Read More

  • Private Training

    Coming Soon Read More

  • Care Management

    A chronic disease is a medical condition that has been, or likely to be, present for six months or longer or is terminal. Read More

  • Cellular Health

    Cellular health is the foundation as well as the index of your wellness. Improved cellular health is the situation in which your cells are functioning well ... Read More

  • Circulation Enhancement

    Your circulation is the constant flow and movement of blood throughout your body. Improving blood flow by natural or medical means is called circulation enhancement. Read More

  • Wound Care

    A wound is a break in the skin caused by an injury (a cut or blow), surgery, or conditions such as diabetes. Wound care refers to the treatment and management... Read More

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