What is Concierge Medicine?

Concierge medicine is a care program whereby a physician charges you an out-of-pocket retainer fee for a range of highly personalized services. Often known as direct primary care or DPC, the program usually does not accept insurance as payment for the services. 

Most physicians practicing concierge medicine are self-employed; however, they may also be affiliated with a major hospital or medical center.

What does Concierge Medicine Offer? 

The concierge level of care offers a variety of services such as: 

  • Private home or office visits
  • Full health check-ups
  • Prescription deliveries
  • Specialist referrals
  • Expert appointments 
  • Conservative and non-operative treatments 
  • Advanced or minimally invasive surgical procedures
  • Coordination between other physicians and their services

The concierge level of care always ensures a maximum level of privacy at all times. 

Significance of Concierge Medicine

On many occasions, you may have experienced the frustration of waiting for days, weeks or months to see a physician, only to find yourself languishing in a waiting room for hours. This will certainly prompt you to look for a doctor who is easily accessible or can come to your home or office and provide personalized medical care that accommodates your schedule and lifestyle. 

Under concierge service, you can access a doctor any time you want, regardless of your insurance coverage. Concierge medicine can considerably ease your ordeal especially if you need frequent attention. Above all, you will have patient-centric, quality medical care through a strong physician-patient relationship that is based on mutual respect and trust. 

Benefits of the Concierge Program

Concierge service comes with countless benefits. They include but are not limited to the following. 

  • Unfettered access to the physician via email or telephone.
  • Timely appointments - the same or next day 
  • Entitlement to last-minute emergency appointments
  • Appointments to suit your schedule rather than the physician’s
  • Longer and more detailed appointments to suit your needs
  • Round the clock (24/7, 365 days a year) admittance
  • Minimal to no waiting time for a consultation due to fewer patients
  • A friendly and comfortable environment 
  • Direct interaction with your physician without an assistant
  • More attention to any medical questions you may have
  • Prescription delivery 
  • Preventive care and a wellness plan tailored to your health goals
  • Coordination of other specialty care or hospital referrals 
  • Assistance with medical records for emergencies while away from home
  • House or office visits  
  • Quick, convenient and cost-effective with no involvement of insurance  

You will have the opportunity to develop and build a deeper, more meaningful lifelong relationship with your physician. This will help your doctor to become thoroughly familiar with your medical history, gain a clear understanding of your condition, and cater to your intimate medical needs.